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About me, my blog, and the Law of Attraction

About me, my blog, and the Law of Attraction

Always choose a thought that makes you feel better.

Why? Because the Law of Attraction (LOA) always responds to how you feel. If you feel good, it responds by giving you people, situations, and things that make you feel even better.

That’s why the LOA intrigues me.

Based on quantum physics, absolutely everything is made up of energy. Yes, even us living, breathing humans. Energy vibrates. Yes, even us living, breathing humans. Things that vibrate at the same frequency attract each other. Yes…even us living, breathing humans.

An extract from The Easy-Going Entrepreneur: Using the Law of Attraction as your marketing strategy explains it best.

“A common way to demonstrate the Law of Attraction is through the example of the tuning fork first used by Dr. Masaru Emoto, author of the New York Times best-seller, The Hidden Messages of Water.

Emoto works with three tuning forks. Forks 1 and 2 are designed to vibrate 440 times per second, while Fork 3 vibrates 442 times per second. When he hits Fork 1 with a rubber hammer, Fork 2 immediately vibrates and gives off a sound because it resonates with Fork 1. However, Fork 3 remains silent. This shows that energies vibrating at the same frequencies somehow find each other.”

But what does this mean for us living, breathing humans? As humans, our feelings dictate our level of vibration. Quite simply: We attract what we feel.

The LOA plays itself out in many different ways every day. If we’re unhappy in our jobs, we’ll attract colleagues and clients who annoy us. If we’re worried about our finances, we’ll attract people and situations that challenge our cash flow. When we’re insecure about ourselves, we’ll attract partners who bring out our insecurities. Need I carry on?

When we tackle these challenges with the old way of solving problems, we may opt to get a better job, invest in a shiny object that promises to make us money, or find a new lover. Many of us have done at least one of these, and I’m sure we would agree that it’s always brought us back to the very same result.

Something has to change. But what? And how?

When we start solving problems the LOA way, the only work we have to do is to raise our vibration. When we raise our vibration and become happier people, we automatically attract better opportunities for relationships, financial opportunities, and life in general.

This blog is my journey of discarding my self-limiting beliefs and learning to always choose a downstream thought. I’m sharing it with it in the hopes that you don’t feel alone in your journey to the same.

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