What a wonder-filled world

My father enjoyed messing with my mind as a child.

Silly things, like telling me one Easter Sunday that the gutter water was blessed with Jesus’ tears so it was ok for me to drink it. I did.

And one movie-night Friday, I became tearful watching a homeless orphan boy begging for food. My dad told me that the little boy would hear me if I spoke into the TV’s remote, so I offered him my money box. As I think about it now, I still feel the rejection of Oliver totally ignoring my offer to help.

Yes, my childhood was filled with plenty of these funny-not-funny moments that made a therapist very happy in my twenties.

One specific memory’s been playing over in my mind lately.

Once my dad tricked me into thinking “Alice in Wonderland” was actually “Allison Wonderland” by the way he pronounced it. Repeatedly. I couldn’t read so it had to be true because Daddy said so. And, of course, I simply loved the story being all about Allison’s adventures in Wonderland, so I didn’t ask him to enunciate (or at that age “Say it again, Daddy“).

Maybe it’s been on my mind because lately I’ve been feeling like I’ve fallen into a rabbit hole. Unlike Alice, though, I’ve fallen slap-bang into a world that had lost its wonder. When I look at reality, it’s become a challenge to find the light amongst all the darkness.

But something I do have in common with Alice is a magical power to make myself bigger or smaller, giving me different perspectives of a reality that often overwhelms me. It’s called my mind.

In those moments where life as I know it stops making sense, I can choose to either eat the cake or drink the potion. Uhm…symbolically. I’ve read the stories about Alice in Wonderland and its references to drugs, but this is a different kind of buzz.

When I eat the cake, so to speak, I feel my mind expanding until “From a distance, the world is blue and green and the snow-capped mountains white.

And then some more. Because when I see our little planet and its place in our known universe, earth is minute! Even more amazing is that the multiple galaxies manage to revolve exactly as they should without any human intervention whatsoever. Isn’t that wonderful? For a visual, check out the Buzzfeed video on YouTube.

Borrowing from Bette Midler again, maybe “God is watching us from a distance.” A God that us mere mortals with our limited understanding can’t even begin to grasp. And maybe if we had as much faith as the planets do that all will be well, it will be.

Sometime, I choose to drink the potion and make myself small. Instead of imagining I’m a fly on the wall of our politicians, I imagine I’m a single cell in my body. Do you know that of the “50 trillion cells in your body, each one contains about six linear feet of DNA“? Courtney Griffins in the TED talk below.

About that 300 trillion feet of DNA that miraculously fit into our bodies! And the 50 trillion cells all doing their own thing mostly without human intervention. And what about the fact that we can change the way our DNA behaves by changing our beliefs? How wonderful is that?

My life is, indeed, Allison’s adventures in Wonderland.

With faith like the planets that all will be well, and the power of a single cell within me, I can change the world! One positive belief at a time with my eye on the wonder.

So Daddy was right, after all.


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